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Jennifer Lieberman
Jun 21, 2018

Greeting people at the door


hi, my name is jenn and i have an 18mth-ish boxer/mastiff/pit mix lucky who does not like when people (strangers) knock or come to the door. i was wondering if anyone would be willing to come by a few times to help me practice with him. just need you to walk back and fourth to the front door! thanks!

Jul 21, 2018


Happy to help if you would reciprocate with my dog hudson

Jennifer Lieberman
Jul 25, 2018

I would be happy to, where do you live? Email me at paceyluv@gmail.com

Aug 12, 2018

My three year old chihuahua also needs this. Would love to help practice in exchange for help with my little guy’s door fears. I’m in Rye: susannah_forrest@yahoo.com

Jennifer Lieberman
Sep 1, 2018

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I would be happy to help. I will email you

Sep 1, 2018

I need help with the same issue. My 13 pound terrier/schnauzer doesn’t like it when people come to the door. Barks a lot and I could use some help with the back and forth at the door. Would be happy to reciprocate. My email is selliman15@gmail.com

Jennifer Lieberman
Sep 1, 2018

I would be happy to help

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  • Abby Turtle
    Apr 12, 2018
  • Lina Eroh
    Apr 4, 2018

    Hi there! i have a two year old giant schnauzer named minka who’s awesome on and off leash and loves to play. she had a bad experience about a year ago with a large dog that bit her, so we’re looking for some positive off leash experiences that will remind her how fun it is to play. she’s off leash almost daily but hasnt been engaging in as much play as usual. LMK if you’re interested in meeting up! also happy for minka to help other dogs working on leash skills.
  • ymalcolm
    May 3, 2018

    Our dog Gus, you may know him as the "adult" dog in the Foundations Class picture, is a 1.5 year old lab/mastiff/several other things mix who needs work becoming unweird around dogfriends while on leash. At the moment, he has a tendency to growl and bark when other dogs get too close to him, but pays them nearly no mind when we're in class. We're going to practice with Jax (the posting below), but we'd love to get practice in with as many dogs as we can.